I-Lab 2GB

Glovebox System


The I-Lab line of Glovebox and Gas Management Systems are designed as an economical solution for inert research applications.


The I-Lab GloveBox design is based on a modular platform allowing customers to expand existing gloveboxes to meet increasing work flow requirements.


The I-Lab Gas Management Systems provide a < 1ppm O2 and H2O inert atmosphere required for a multitude of air-sensitive applications.


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I-LAB Specifications

2-Glove Workstation

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Internal dimensions 1213 mm Wide x 764 mm Deep x 897 mm High
External dimensions  2005 mm Wide x 1034 mm Deep x 2024 mm High
Internal finish  Type 304 stainless steel, #4 
External surfaces   RAL 7035
Wall thickness 0.105" (2.6 mm)
Feedthrough 4 x DN 40 ISO-KF blank 
Internal power  1 x electrical feedthrough
Internal power  1 x fuse protected 6-outlet power strip
Shelving  2 x Height adjustable 304 stainless steel #4 finish. 30.6" (778 mm) Wide x 9.7" (247 mm) Deep
Plumbing  304 stainless steel tubing 
Filters  1 x inlet/1 x outlet HEPA (99.99% vs 0.3 micron MPPS) 
Lighting  External fluorescent light 
Power  100-120 or 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 20 Amp 

Non-Modular Box Design

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Stand with casters and leveling feet Leveling feet adjustability 
Bolt On left or right side 
Internal finish  304 stainless steel #4 surface finish
External finish  RAL 7035
Internal tray  304 stainless steel #4 surface finish
Tray size  11.25" (285 mm) Wide x 22.5" (571 mm) Long
Internal/external travel  13.9" (353 mm) 
Anodized aluminum doors, vertical opening with gas piston
Manual evacuate/refill valves  
Analog vacuum gauge 0 to -30" Hg 
Leak rate  < 10-5 mbar l/s
Internal finish  6061 anodized aluminum 
External finish  RAL 7035
Internal/external doors 6061 anodized aluminum 
Manual evacuate/refill valve  
Analog vacuum gauge 0 to -30" Hg 
Leak rate  < 10-5 mbar l/s
Viewing size  41.8" (1061 mm) Wide x 30.2" (767 mm) High

Circular Glove Ports

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Black Delrin, 8" glove port 0.015" (0.4 mm) thick butyl rubber gloves, hand size 9.75 

I-Lab Gas Management System

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Single column gas purification system  
O2 and H2O purity level  
O2 capacity =  43 L 
H2O capacity =  1800 g 
Automated purifier column valves Interlocked with the blower. Blower will not run if the valves fail to open
Variable speed circulation blower 120 cfm max flow rate blower
Max flow rate through purifier column  101m3/h (60 CFM) 60 cfm

PLC Control System

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Color touch screen 

Automatic Pressure Control

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Automatic pressure control  (+/- 15 mbar)
Manual pressure control  Footswitch
Manual purge valve

Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum pump 10 cfm (17 m3/h) rotary vane pump with oil mist eliminator & oil return kit 

Integrated Oxygen Analyzer

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Range 0-1000 ppm
Zirconia sensor as standard
Or electrochemical sensor for solvent compatibility

Integrated Moisture Analyzer

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Range 0-1000 ppm

Overall System Leak Rate

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<0.05vol%/h (ISO 10648-2)

System Gas Requirements

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Working gas  ³ 99.995% N2 or Ar
Working gas pressure 55 psi (3.8 bar)
Working gas flow rate 250 l/min
Regeneration gas    3-7% H2, balance N2 or Ar
Regeneration gas pressure 5-7 psi (0.3-0.5 bar)
Regeneration gas flow rate  30 l/min

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