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Glovebox System (Available in 2 or 4 glove configurations)


Purge Glovebox designed with a photohelic based pressure control system. Choose from standard configurations or have one built to your custom specifications. These Gloveboxes are designed as hermetically sealed enclosures allowing for a inert atmosphere quality that is determined by the purity of the supplied purge gas. Your ClearLab Glovebox can be fitted with a number of options including oxygen and moisture sensors. They can also be configured to accept a Gas Management System should your atmospheric requirements change.


Materials of Construction

  • Body Construction—Acrylic plastic

  • Glove Ports—Delrin

  • Gloves—Butyl (other materials available per request)

  • Gas and Purge Fittings—Stainless Steel

  • Alternative materials of construction are available

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Acrylic GB

2 Glove - 36" W x 21" D x 24" H 4 Glove - 72" W x 21" D x 24" H



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